Free 3D Animation Software & Toolkit

3D animation is becoming more and more used in online videos, infomercials, to even VR experiences. What was once a median we thought could only be pulled off in large post production houses, can now be accessible and available to anyone that is willing to invest the time and energy to learn and master the skill.

In this blog we’ll cover a free open source software that is available to everyone. We’ll also cover how to get started in the software with references to some great beginner tutorials as well as some free content that you can use to start your 3D project.


Thank goodness for open source software, otherwise we’d all have to pay a small fortune for 3D animation software. Blender is a free 3D animation software. Compared to its pricy alternates, Maya and Cinema 4D, where you’d have to pay over a grand to use. Simply go to Blender’s website and download the latest version.


Once you have the software installed, you are ready to start using Blender! This blog is a great resource to help you learn all the steps needed to get started. We also highly recommend CG Cookie’s YouTube channel. They have great tutorials for beginners and even advanced users.

TurboSquid & Free3D are two websites for free 3D models. These sites will help you save time in the modeling process and give you a jumpstart to begin animating right away. These models are free to use in your animation project, donated from generous users.


And there you have it! Free software, tutorials, and models for your 3D project. See many more resources on our Resources page and be sure to keep posted for more blog posts.



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