Resource Spotlight: April – Dafont

For our April resource spotlight we take a trip to the world of fonts and typeface. And if you are a designer, you know the challenges of finding the perfect fonts. You may also know that some fonts and licenses to use fonts can get pretty expensive. That’s why this month we’ll focus on a resource that provides free fonts for personal use and commercial use.

DaFont is one of the best solutions for finding quality fonts that are free to use. When you go to their website you can search fonts by name or keywords. There is also an option to search fonts by different font characteristics. You can also preview font text as well in the top menu.

This is the important part. You can search fonts by license type. On the top menu select “More Options” You can choose between which type of usages are allowed for each fonts. “Free for personal use” should not be use for commercial use, but “100% free” and “Donationware” can be used for commercial projects.


To download a font, click the download button on the far right of the font. Some fonts may download several fonts or a font family. This will be listed by the download button. Install the fonts by opening the truetype font file and click install.


You can find some unique fonts on this website. Be be very cautious on the type of font and license you download. Keep posted to our blogs page for more resource spotlights to come!



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