Resource Spotlight: October – QuickTime Player

This month we focus on a very valuable software, QuickTime Player. By default, QuickTime player is automatically installed on a Macintosh computer. For Windows, you will need to go to the Apple website and download it from there.

QuickTime player is great for video playback. It plays videos in real time and gives an accurate visual playback. You can also have videos loop, making testing video loops very easy.

A hidden feature of QuickTime Player is it’s ability to screen record. You can setup QuickTime to record part of your screen, or the entire screen. It will screen record up to a full 30fps with minimal choppiness.


Left click on the QuickTime Player and choose “New Screen Recording”. Click again to record the full screen or marque select a section of the screen to record. A new icon in the menu bar will appear letting you know that the screen recording is in progress.

When you are done recording, click on the icon in the menu bar to stop recording. The screen recording will load as a new QuickTime video. You can choose to save it by going to File > Save. That wraps up this resource spotlight of the month!



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